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Alan L. Alves, MS,BCH,CI
    Alan has been involved in hypnosis for over 25 years. He graduated from the basic, intermediate and advanced hypnosis classes at The Omni Hypnosis Training School in Deland, Florida. He did his internship at both Omni and Brenner Institute of Hypnosis also in Deland, where he was nationally certified as Professional Clinical Hypnotist (Hypnotherapist) by The National Guild of Hypnotists. He opened Southcoast Hypnosis Center in 1999. The Southcoast Hypnosis Center is certified by The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), The International Association of Counselors and Therapists, The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards, The International Registry of Professional Hypnotherapists and The National Federation of Hypnotists.
    In 2001 he obtained the prestigious "NGH Board Certified Master Hypnotist Certification"(At that time there was only 51 Board Certified Hypnotists in the world).
    In August of 2002 he became a Certified Instructor of Clinical Hypnosis and formulated a career oriented program to train and certify candidates interested in becoming a full or part time clinical Hypnotist (hypnotherapist) or stage hypnotist including how to set up a practice and marketing, with the ability to earn $85-$100 per hour.
    In 2003 he was certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) by The National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Psychology. NLP is a leading edge of psychological skills and technology that quickly help individuals tap into their most powerful mental, emotional and physical resources nurturing personal and professional development. 
    In 2013 at The NGH worldwide convention he was named "Hypnotist Member of The Year"  amongst the NGH's  17,000 members. In 2015 at the NGH worldwide convention he was again honored with the first ever "Gerald F. Kein Omni Award for Excellence In Hypnotism" presented by Gerald Kein himself. Kein is recognized as a world leader in hypnosis and training and President of the worldwide Omni Hypnosis Training Centers.

Southcoast Hypnosis Center* 126 President Ave.* Fall River, Ma* USA * 02720 Phone: (508) 676-7400

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